7 Tips to Consider When Selecting Coffee Paper Tube Packaging
Introduction: Why is Coffee Paper Tube Packaging Important?
The design of coffee packaging is important because it is the first thing that customers see. It can make or break the deal for a customer. It also provides a design that can be memorable and help to differentiate between competitors.
Coffee packaging is important because it can have a big impact on the sales of the product. The design of coffee packaging not only impacts the sales but also helps to create a brand identity for your company or product.
1. The Material of the Tube
Paper tubes are a popular packaging material for many industries. They are used to package things like coffee beans, protein powder, and even some foods like marshmallows and rice.
A paper tube is made from a sheet of rigid paper that gets rolled up into a cylindrical shape. The cylinder is then cut down the middle to create two halves of the same size. One half is then glued back together with sticky tape on one side so that it can be opened up like a book or envelope. The other half is then glued onto the first half to form the tube shape (like an open book).
The manufacturing process for making these tubes is quite simple and inexpensive. It doesn't require any special equipment or skillsets either which make it an appealing option for many businesses looking to save money on their packaging costs.
2. The Size of the Tube
The size of the tube is an important factor when it comes to the production process. The size of the tube will determine how much coffee can be put into it.
The size of a coffee paper tube is usually determined by the weight of coffee bean or coffee powder that will be packaged into it. For example, a 115mm*75mm paper tube can be fit for 120 gram coffee bean. Here is our data table for the common dimensions of paper tubes.
3. The Shape of the Tube
The shape of the tube is an important factor in determining how easy it is to blow into. The 3-piece paper tubes are more difficult to blow into than the 2-piece paper tubes because they have a larger opening.
4. The Design of the Label on the Tube
Designing labels for coffee tubes is a difficult task. First of all, you have to find the right balance between the design and the text. Secondly, you need to make sure that the label is readable in different lighting conditions and from different angles.
Label design for coffee packaging has also become a challenge with new regulations in place that require more transparency on labels. This means that there needs to be more information on labels rather than just a logo or company name.
5. Place Your Product in Suitable Coffee Packaging 
We have a versatile range of coffee packaging that offers practical features with eye-catching aesthetics. To see your coffee beans, we offer a peek-a-boo clear side gusset to our box bottom bag. For freshness, we offer foil food safe lining in our standard cylinder tubes and bio bags. We have bio lining bags for our cylinders too, offering your product extra freshness. We also offer food safe foil lining options and resealable zip options with our stand-up pouches and box bottom bags. Our bio bag pouches have a bio degassing valve attachment that is designed specifically for coffee products. The bio features are all made of biodegradable materials. 
6. Affordable Coffee Packaging Saves on Costs
Every style in our range of coffee packaging has several sizing options. This is perfect for finding the packaging that meets your product size and price point perfectly. 
In our cylinders, we offer small, medium, and large sizes, in 14 different color options. Our huge range of ready made colors gives you the option for color differentiating, for varied coffee bean flavors and origin. 
Our bio bags, including our box bottom bags and pouches, offer eight different sizes. We offer pouch style bags, box bottom bags with gussets, and resealable zip style bags. 
Zip bags can be heat sealed in the store and opened and resealed by your customers, simply by using the zip! There are bags to fit 70g to 1 kilogram of coffee beans.
7. Environmentally Friendly Coffee Packaging
Our recyclable options are a great selling point for environmentally concerned customers and businesses alike, who are looking for compostable options when it comes to packaging. Here at The Packaging People, we have coffee packaging that can give your coffee a prestigious feel, with environmentally safe options in kraft paper, and hard cylinder tube options in kraft or matte finish.
8. How to Package Your Product in a Coffee Paper Tube?
There are many ways to package your product in a paper tube. The most common way is to roll the product in the tube and close it with a sticker. You can also wrap the product in a paper and then roll it up.
You can also use coffee paper tubes as gift boxes or you can use them as party favors.