How long will it take from the samples to the mass production for the paper tube packaging?
Paper tube packaging need to go through multiple processes from raw materials to production and molding. Many people are concerned about how long it takes from the sampling of the paper tube packaging to the mass production. Usually, the regular cardboard tube boxes manufacturers will take 3 days if printing is not required, or it will take 7 days at least if printing is required. If it is less than this time, the quality of the paper tube packaging can’t be guaranteed, and there are often hidden dangers in the process of safety and quality!
The structure of the cardboard tube boxes:
The common cardboard tube box structure can be divided into upper cover, lower body, outer layer, inner core layer, outer tube, middle tube, inner tube, etc. The main structure includes inner and outer curling, inner jacket ferrule assembly, opening the hole is threaded, the window is cut diagonally, and the different paper tank structure determines that there will be some differences in the production process. Cardboard tube boxes packaging is safe and environmentally friendly, with high appreciation value. It can be used for packaging various exquisite and high-end products to achieve good display and sales effects, attract consumers' attention and promote sales.
The production process of paper tube packaging:
The diverse structure of paper tube packaging determines its different production processes. Common production processes include tube roll operation, wet cutting process, drying process, heat sealing process, labeling treatment, quality inspection, component assembly, product packing and other links.
In China, the more common cardboard tube boxes production process is the crimping process. Compared with the more popular foreign flat-bottom and flat lid production process, the flat-bottom and flat lid process is higher in appearance than the crimping process, and the paper produced is Can products are more exquisite and beautiful, but because the production process is mainly done manually, the cost is relatively high, so the wide range of applications is not strong, and it is more common in cosmetics, electronic products, high-end gifts and other packaging. The curling process is mainly done by machines, and the corresponding cost will be lower. It is currently mainly used in the food packaging industry.
It should be noted that, due to the thin ink layer of the paper tank offset printing product, it is easy to cause insufficient ink saturation, and the overall gloss effect of the paper tank is often poor. The surface gloss of the printed product can be improved by laminating or glazing process. Improve the brightness of the ink layer of the paper tube packaging and at the same time provide a layer of effective protection for the paper tube packaging, so that the color of the cans packaging can’t fall off due to friction during post-press processing and storage and transportation packaging. The plastic film used for laminating is transparent, high-gloss, and inexpensive. Since the coated paper is difficult to recycle, non-degradable, and easy to cause white pollution, the traditional ready-to-coat type coated adhesive materials will be replaced by high-quality environmentally-friendly new adhesives.