The Key Points on The Design of The Perfume Paper Tube Packaging

The manufacturer has to know the size of the perfume glass jars to determine the minimum diameter of the paper tube box when the customers want to choose the cylindrical structure packaging to pack their perfume. The lid is usually reversed. The packaging material is mostly 200g/ white cardboard, and the thickness of the paper is about 1mm. It should be noted here that the internal reel of white cardboard is not suitable for food packaging!

The cylindrical structure of the paper tube box has a simple structure and strong carton stiffness. It not only has a good display effect, but also is easy to transport. If the designer can pay more attention to the uniqueness of the shape and the novelty of the opening method, it will enhance the attractiveness of the perfume and lead the customers to buy them.

Perfume is often relatively high-end and romantic, the structural design should have a certain sense of mystery, and the colors are mostly black and white. In consideration of the need for transportation, a suitable type of corrugated carton can be selected according to the packaging requirements of the perfume, and factors such as arrangement, external dimensions, pallets and utilization rate should be fully considered.

The choice of paper tube packaging should be based on price positioning. Common carton materials include white art paper boxes, cardboard paper boxes, tea paper boxes, etc. Don’t underestimate the role of paper boxes. The decoration effect of the packaging boxes will make the positive difference on sales.


In addition, the packaging box needs to take the cushion into consideration when designing the structure, which can cushion and protect the perfume. The French reverse plug-in structure is a good choice. Among them, the plug-in box bottom manufacturing process is the most convenient, But it is only suitable for use when the bonding strength is not high!

Compared with the traditional packaging forms, the cardboard cylinder box packaging is more three-dimensional, can better display the product attributes, make people clear at a glance, and have a good display effect. Paper tube packaging uses paper as raw material and natural materials, which is a typical representative of green packaging. With the country's restrictions on plastic products, environmentally-friendly cylindrical paper tube box packaging has ushered in a better development prospect.

Not only that, the cylindrical paper tube box has a complex structure and is composed of multiple layers of paper, which can realize some personalized and creative packaging structures. With the unique printing process of paper packaging, it is easier to innovate differentiated packaging forms and improve product packaging. Marketing capabilities. Therefore, the cylindrical paper tube box packaging has good development and application prospects.