Complete Guide to Customizing Cosmetics Paper Tube Packaging

1. Introduction: What is Customized Cosmetics Paper Tube Packaging?

Customized cosmetics packaging is a trend that has been going on for a while now. It is also known as custom cosmetics packaging and it’s different from the usual paper tube packaging.

Customized cosmetics packaging is all about being unique and different from the rest. It’s about standing out in the crowd. The packages are usually customized with different colors, patterns, and shapes to suit the needs of the company or brand.

The idea behind this kind of package is to attract customers by making them feel like they are buying something exclusive and not available to everyone else.

2. What are the Benefits of Customizing Cosmetics Paper Tube Packaging?

Customizing cosmetics paper tube packaging has a lot of benefits. It can help with branding, it can help with marketing and it also helps to create a product that is unique.

Customized cosmetics paper tube packaging is a way to make the product stand out from the rest of the products on the shelf. Customers will be able to see your brand and know that it’s something special.

2.1 Proper packaging

Sometimes less is more. There are two meanings underneath.

One is about resource preservation and waste reduction. Excessive packaging has been causing waste of resources and environmental pollution. Customers are increasingly aware of the harm done by excessive packaging.

The other is about product protection. You can never pack a small lotion bottle in a big box as there is way much spare space. The cosmetics bottle would shake or move around in the box that may end up in pieces. So make sure the cosmetic tubes fit your cosmetics bottles, jars, and containers. Additional insert is available to hold the cosmetics products in place firmly. If needed, get extended protection by adding an insert.

2.2 Plastic-free and biodegradable cosmetic tube packaging

End customers are paying more attention to the impact of their purchases on the environment. With that being said, they prefer to buy those beauty products or stick to cosmetics brands that use eco-friendly and biodegradable cosmetics packaging.

For example, paper lip balm tubes and cardboard deodorant tubes are more and more popular in the cosmetics market as they are more plastic-free and recyclable.

Another good example is the makeup sponge packaging. Beauty blender has been packaging its makeup sponge product lines in clear plastic cylinder tubes. Customers are able to see the color and shape of the sponge through the clear PVC window. However, to be eco-friendly, more makeup sponge brands and manufacturers are trying to use paper tubes and cardboard tubes as an alternative in order to reduce plastic waste.

2.3 A Matching Artwork Design

Creative artwork and graphic design are a half success for custom cosmetic tube packaging. First of all, you should be clear about your brand positioning. Are you trying to build an organic cosmetic brand or a luxury beauty brand, or a healthy and natural personal care brand image?

After setting your brand image, speak to your design team about the beauty concepts your brand is trying to deliver, the philosophy of your products carry, all your design ideas, etc. By doing so, designers will be able to create a matching graphic design by pulling different graphic elements together. It could be a creative brand name, a recognizable brand logo, vibrant colors, sharp design layouts, or value-added finishes like gold foil, spot UV, etc. Remember, matching should be the first consideration. You can never create a very colorful and shining artwork design if you intend to establish an organic cosmetic brand.

For custom paper tubes, all your designs ideas would come live on the tubes with the help of all kinds of paper stock, printing color schemes, and finishes & coating options. Brown kraft paper tubes naturally present a rustic cosmetic brand image while custom printed cardboard tubes coated with gold foil would create a luxurious cosmetics packaging outcome.

2.4 Use Sticker Labels

For start-ups or businesses that intend to launch a new product line, they may have a limited budget for packaging. On one hand, the sales volume is unclear. There may be a few flavors/scents for a trial run. On the other hand, the product formula may have to be changed after being tested by the market. How to strike a balance?

Simple sticker labels could be one great solution. Sticker labels are one important part of custom cosmetics packaging. It’s cost-effective and flexible in turnaround. Just get blank/plain tubes and label the tubes with stickers depending on real-time sales. If the cosmetics formula changes, you only need to change to a new batch of sticker labels instead of dropping all the tubes that had been printed beforehand.

By doing so, customers are able to get the most updated and accurate product details. Cosmetics manufacturers and retailers can maintain info accuracy, flexible turnaround, and a lower packaging cost. So if you are just starting out or running a trial production run, consider sticker labels for blank tubes.

2.5 Eco-friendly Inks

Use eco-friendly printing inks for your printing job. When it comes to custom printed cosmetics tubes, either sticker labels (for the tubes) or custom printed paper tubes, cosmetics brands tend to pay much attention to the graphic design and color match, especially if the PMS color scheme is applied.

However, one point that is easily ignored is the ink used for the printing. End users also care about the inks used for their cosmetics packaging, especially if the packaging directly contacts the products like the paper lip balm tubes, cardboard deodorant tubes, and paperboard cosmetics jars. The ink used for printing these tubes is easily ignored but it may do harm to the packaged products. So, in printing work, ask your paper tube supplier to use plant-based (usually soy ink or similar vegetable-based inks) instead of petroleum-based inks, which would not only ensure the product security but also help create a green and organic brand image.

To create luxurious cosmetics packaging, beauty brands and manufacturers may tend to use UV, foil stamping on custom cosmetics packaging. There are different types of inks used as well. So pay attention to these ink as well. Speak to your cardboard cosmetic tube manufacturer to make sure the inks used for printing and finishes are safe and eco-friendly enough.

3. How to Choose the Right Material for Your Customized Cosmetics Paper Tube Packages?

Choosing the right material for your customized cosmetics paper tube packages can be a difficult task. There are many factors to consider when choosing the material for your paper tube package. The most important factors include:

- Material safety

- Material price

- Material durability

- Customizable design options

- Paper tube packaging size and shape options

4. How to Design Your Own Customized Cosmetics Paper Tube Package Design?

Designing a customized cosmetics package design is one of the most important aspects of the product. A good package design can make your product stand out from the crowd and make it more attractive to customers.

There are many things that you need to consider when designing your own customized cosmetics paper tube package design. You should start by deciding on a color scheme and theme for your packaging, then you should decide on what kind of branding you want to use, and finally you should think about what type of graphics would be best for your packaging.

You will also need to think about practicalities such as how much space you have available for printing, how much ink or toner you will need, and whether or not you can print in color or just black and white.

5. Conclusion: The Complete Guide to Customizing Cosmetics Paper Tube Packaging

The cosmetics industry is a huge and lucrative industry. The packaging for these products is often an overlooked area of the business, but it can be an important way to distinguish one company's product from another. This article will explore some of the important considerations that should be taken into account when designing cosmetics paper tube packaging, as well as some of the more popular styles and types that are currently being used.