Five Key Features to Superior Paper Tube Packaging

Paper tubes and core are among some of the most popular packaging materials today. You can use paper tubes for cosmetic wrapping purposes, as well as for transporting special equipment like telescopes and medical devices. 
However, their utility does not end just there. 
You can reuse them multiple times before sending them for recycling. Whether you have a large industry or a small-scale business-to-customer company, using high-quality paper tubes ensures you get your money’s worth.

Let us have a look at a few features of high-quality paper tubes.

1. They are Biodegradable

High-quality paper tubes are manufactured using biodegradable materials like recycled papers, cardboards, and wood pulp fibers. The organic raw material also makes them eco-friendly and recyclable. They are also lightweight, allowing them to be carried easily from one place to another and transport the packed article safely without any damage. Another notable feature of high-quality paper tubes is their reusability. They do not lose their shape after usage and can be reused for packaging or as raw materials for craft supplies.

2. They are Manufactured for a Specific Purpose

Paper tubes are not just meant to ship fragile decorative articles. Many industries manufacture and sell paper tubes following strict regulations, especially in cases of medical, food, photographic, and scientific fields. High-quality paper tubes are manufactured according to the specifications provided by the customer. This is because the special pieces of equipment listed above are quite expensive and cannot be repaired if damaged.  Paper tubes used in the medical and food industry need to be safe for packaging edible items. Similarly, paper tubes meant for packaging and transporting photographs need to be double-coated for minimizing light exposure, as light can damage photographic sheets. Moreover, they emit radiation that can be harmful to people and other equipment. To this end, specially crafted paper tubes are lined with absorbing dark sheets to prevent the radiation from leaking. 

3. They are Resistant to Compression

Paper tubes are made up of multiple layers which makes them thick to avoid any bending. Adding strength to the bottom and outer layers is more of a challenge. Paper tubes are shock-absorbent and retain their shape, preventing the packed articles from getting damaged. Any particular layer required by the customer is added as the innermost layer for further customizing the use of paper tubes.

4. They Have High Technical Specifications

The greatest advantage of using paper tubes is their customization options. You can order the manufacturer to design paper tubes precisely according to your standard dimensions to fit the article perfectly. They also have a consistent width throughout. You can also add your company names, logo, and color code for branding customization.

5. They Have Multiple Uses

High-quality paper tubes don’t get wasted in the first use. You can reuse them to transport your product multiple times, as they are recyclable, reusable, and thus can be easily upcycled. Your customers can also reuse them for numerous purposes like storing and organizing if you sell products directly to them.

In conclusion, premium paper tubes exhibit five distinctive characteristics that make them a superior choice for packaging needs. Their biodegradable composition, purposeful manufacturing tailored to specific industries, resistance to compression, high technical specifications, and versatile reusability contribute to their value. Whether for large industrial operations or small businesses, investing in high-quality paper tubes ensures both cost-effectiveness and environmentally conscious packaging solutions.