What are the differences between various types of paper tubes
Production and manufacture of paper tube packaging, due to the development trend in the packaging field, more and more types of paper tubes are used. And different paper tubes have different application ranges, and due to the characteristics of paper tube cores, different types of paper tube cores have different production methods and different actual operation methods.
Paper tube manufacturers use different paper core tubes in the production process of industrial paper tubes. The key is high tensile strength, which is widely used in paper industry, plastic film and other large and medium-sized rewinding machines. High-strength paper core tubes; thin and thick walls , the length is accurate, suitable for small-wall thick paper core tubes in the fields of plastic wrap paper tubes, diagnosis and treatment, etc.; accurate net weight, high-strength paper tubes, high quality, suitable for spandex silk paper core tubes used in rewinding machines such as spandex yarn; Iron headed paper core tubes required for cash flow and recycling applications.

Waterproof paper tube has certain application advantages in application, which is incomparable with many general paper tubes. Waterproof paper tube has certain process performance, porous structure and air permeability. It has good storage properties and can be stored at room temperature for more than 3 months regardless of level. The waterproof paper tube has good cold resistance, and it is not easy to suffer the harm of the weather in the application process. The tensile strength, water resistance and cold resistance of the paper tube are superior to those of the paper tube produced by other rubber seeds. The paper tube is more environmentally friendly in the process of storage and application, the paper tube glue used in the production process is more healthy in body and mind, the drying effect of the product is very good, and the speed is faster.